Quote of the Week: Ruth and David Miller

We expected to see animals, but were amazed to see hundreds of thousands of wildebeest at the same time in one place, along with tens of thousands of zebras and uncountable gazelles on the Serengeti. We expected to see lions and leopards and cheetahs, but did not expect to watch a three-day drama unfold as a lioness was separated from her pride while hunting, reunited with them, and stalked wildebeest in a hunt that surrounded our jeep for over an hour one evening; we did not realize how close the animals come to the jeep – in one case a leopard literally brushed the door such that we could have reached down and touched her (ill-advised our guide suggested). We did not realize that crocodiles can be wider than alligators are long; that hippos kill more animals than crocs or any other animal on the Serengeti; and that individual variations would be so abundant, from a one-eared elephant to zebras and giraffes with readily discernible markings. And we expected to see baboons … but in our tent?! (He left when David swore at him!) We expected good food, but were really delighted with every meal (the food boxes were uninspired, but more than adequate in quantity of food). The meals at the “Private Luxury Camp” were exceptional, and that chef deserves a special commendation. Our host there, Ndeke, was also very charming, and conversant about so many different things.

Lastly we really have to give a special commendation and thanks to our guide! His knowledge of animal behavior is superb, and he was very patient, waiting in one case for 45 minutes while a herd of 27 elephants slowly emerged from the forest. He would frequently predict the next move that an animal would make, and position the jeep such that we would see elephants slowly leave the forest cover and cross the road, or lions climb to the top of a ‘kopje’ as the sun rose. He knew where best to watch the wildebeest in full run, cheetah hunt, and leopards sleep, such that no other jeeps were anywhere around us. He has a keen photographer’s eye, and frequently set up shots for David such that the lighting, and position of the jeep, were ideal. Thanks also to yourself and all the others ‘behind the scenes’ making all of this happen smoothly. Best wishes!

Ruth and David Miller
June 2010

A leopard walking in the road… right next to the Miller’s vehicle!


A herd of Thompson’s gazelles keeping a wary eye on some nearby lions.


A hippo and crocodiles peacefully sharing the same territory.

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