Quote of the Week: Jo Rakauskas

What a trip we had!!……and a wonderful guide……not much rain….perfect conditions,- no crowds….as a matter of fact there was one night when we were the only people at Kirawira…..and just one other couple at Plantation Lodge……Beautiful accommodations, our favorite nights were spent at the Private Luxury campsite with smiling Jonas and the crew!!….Number of wildlife in the Crater was disappointing, but the fields were bright yellow and beautiful in the sun (although I understand the flowers are not a good thing for the wildlife), and we did get to see Mama Rhino and her baby cross the road in front of us…..the last of the “Big 5″….Have a film of mating leopards in a tree which [our guide] said was most unusual……….Will get some photos together one of these days and a testimonial as well…… Asante Sana for providing us with a wonderful and varied itinerary.

Jo Rakauskas
May 2010

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