Quote of the Week: Fred and Lynnette Dubendorf

We have just returned from out two-week trip to Tanzania with Africa Dream Safaris. To say that the trip was life-changing is actually an understatement. Where can we start to try to convey the whole experience to those who have never been?

First, the animals and the landscape- Of course, we all go that we can see the animals. What is amazing is the number of animals you will see and the fact that they are completely relaxed with a safari vehicle within feet of them. Within a couple of hours of arriving in the central area of the Serengeti, we saw a leopard, giraffe, impala, gazelle, elephants, hippos, topi, lions, and many other animals. And, sure, you can mark each animal off your list of “MUST SEES,” but when you feel yourself starting to absorb the atmosphere and peacefulness in which all of these animals co-exist, it is truly astounding. As you gaze at the vastness of grunting or eating, or the flapping of the elephants” ears against their bodies-an awe overcomes your soul and you feel your heart fill with a sense that somehow, after seeing this, the world finally makes perfect sense in a way you never knew before.

In a word, whatever one may expect to see when it comes to the wildlife-we can’t imagine that anyone could ever use the word “disappointed.”

Second, the Tanzanian people. The people are beautiful, warm, friendly and kind. Each encounter with staff members at the lodges was a true delight. They welcomed us with open arms and saw to our every need.

Our guide was unbelievable! We finally decided to call him “eagle eyes” because of the astonishing way that he could spot wildlife. He was able to spot lions even though they were sleeping in tall grass; he spotted a cheetah and pointed it out to us and it still took us several minutes to see it with our binoculars. One morning he spotted a leopard even though the sun had not even broken the horizon and it was quite dark. His knowledge of the animals was equally impressive as he told us to keep our camera on a lion that was preparing to arise from a nap and would probably yawn three times so that we could get a photo with his mouth wide open. Most days we started our game drives at 6 am and didn’t end until late in the afternoon, and the whole time he would answer all of our questions, be constantly on the lookout for animals and birds and was conscientious that this was an experience of a lifetime for us. If we wanted to start a day later or end the day sooner, he was equally obliging.

Lastly, our [planning representative] with Africa Dream Safaris-we believe if it weren’t for her the whole experience would not have been as successful as it was. [She] and Africa Dream Safaris were very attentive in asking all the right questions to plan a trip appropriate for us. They asked what we were expecting from the experience, what type of accommodations would make us comfortable, and if we had any special needs that would have to be looked after. They also were completely honest with us about what to expect at each of the lodges, the types of meals and boxed breakfasts and lunches we would receive and, most importantly, they were very thorough in advising on what we should pack. Throughout our trip we felt confident and prepared and were completely comfortable.

To those who are considering booking a trip with Africa Dream Safaris…You will be glad that you put your trust in them to take care of what will most definitely be an experience of a lifetime. We confidently, and without any hesitation, give Africa Dreams and their staff the highest recommendation that is possible.

Fred and Lynnette Dubendorf
February 2010

A pride of lions napping with (and on top of!) each other.


A family of elephants quenching their thirst at a water hole (although that baby elephant looks like he might be playing more than drinking!)

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