Quote of the Week: Laurie and Scott McGinnis

Thanks to ADS for making Laurie’s and my safari our trip of a lifetime! We reviewed numerous other safari operators and were extremely impressed with the professionalism, thoroughness, and thoughtfulness of ADS. […] While on safari, my wife and I would continually say there seemed to be a surprise around every corner. When we thought we had seen every lion in the Serengeti, there would be one eating a large kill. When we thought there was nothing left to see on the plains, there would be an incredible sunset. When we thought the safari was over for the day a buffalo would walk onto our doorstep. ADS reflects the Serengeti in this and continually surprised us just when we didn’t think anything else could be better. Thank you ADS for your attention to detail, positive work in the region, and expert service. Laurie and I are extremely happy with our East African experience. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Laurie and Scott McGinnis
August 2009

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