Quote of the Week: Marvin and Theresa Hall

We had been planning and anticipating our trip to Tanzania for an entire year. We had read guidebooks and web pages (there is none better than that of ADS). Certainly the trip was beyond all expectations and more than we could have imagined. So many people have asked me, since I returned, about my trip to Africa. It seems the epitome of understatment when I respond, ‘Simply Amazing.’ Words are inadequate to explain it.

I admit that even I was somewhat intimidated about traveling to Africa, but from the time that we arrived -and before, until we returned home we were made to feel supremely comfortable. I cannot imagine a better guide. Our guide was exceptionally knowledgeable – not just about the animals and plants, but geography, history, weather, etc. He was friendly, had a great sense of humor, was an expert driver and spotter, always professional, and he did everything imaginable to make our trip special. He worked hard for our benefit but always seemed to be having a good time too. (Please give him our regards.) Our lodging and dining at Arumeru, Kirawira, Private camp in Seronera, and Ngorongoro Sopa were really all spectacular. Ndeke and the crew at the private camp were all warm special people, John’s food was some of the best of the trip. Thank you for suggesting that we spend our “extra” night at the private camp. We were well taken care of. How wonderful and peaceful to end the day by a fire with good food and a glass of wine, listen to the hyenas as you go to sleep, and arise in the morning with a giraffe visible in the distance.

What can I say about the animals? It really is impossible to fully explain to those who have not experienced it. The magnitude of the great migration, lion cubs playfully frolicking on a koppe, and nature at its most raw as a lion pride or hyenas feed on a fresh kill. Even the scenery was more than we could have imagined. The endless vistas of the plains, incredible sunsets, stormclouds in the distance, and rainbows nearly every afternoon.

I know that this was supposed to be a trip of a lifetime, but I sincerely hope it was the first of many. Thank you to you and all of the ADS crew.

Marvin and Theresa Hall
May 2009

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