Quote of the Week: Gary and LuAnn Brown

After 30 years of dreaming and nearly a year preparing, we had our dreams realized thanks to Africa Dream Safaris. Our accommodations were quite varied and each was wonderful in its own way. Our private luxury camp had to be moved at the last minute because of damage to trees from some elephants and we would have never known it. Everything was perfect when we arrived and we were very spoiled by the staff.

We went on this safari to see the animals we love and came back loving the people of Tanzania just as much. We found them to be happy, warm and welcoming. A few staff members at Kirawira Tented Lodge heard that it was LuAnn’s birthday; about 10 staff members surprised us both by delivering a cake to her in the dining room, complete with singing. This is one birthday that she will remember fondly.

It was very reassuring knowing that the ADS staff was there to take good care of us. [The meet and greet staff] did a great job briefing and debriefing us. […Our driver guide] was experienced, intuitive, patient and knowledgeable. We were surprised at the variety and amounts of animals that we were able to see, from the hundreds of wildebeest to the shy leopards and rare black rhinos. We went places that other tours never saw and at times would go for hours/days without seeing another safari vehicle. We felt very lucky to have chosen ADS.

We had a marvelous balloon ride over the central Serengeti, enjoyed informative tours of a fishing village on Lake Victoria, and a medical clinic near Karatu, Tanzania and marveled at the artifacts displayed at the Olduvai museum. Thanks to ADS, this will forever be our favorite vacation.

Gary and LuAnn Brown
May 2009

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