Quote of the Week: Christine Smith

My trip with Africa Dream Safaris was exceptional. Our guide was fabulous and very knowledgeable about the animals, the eco-system and life in Africa in general. Even in the more crowded areas we were often by ourselves as we decided when to leave for an early morning game drive and when to head back in. One morning, we came upon two lionesses with 3 little cubs. The lions had just killed a wildebeest. We sat and watched the little family for over an hour until the lionesses dragged the kill away. Not another vehicle was in sight. The same situation happened when we sat and watched a leopard climb a tree next to our vehicle, two male cheetahs courting the same female and a elephant family with a new born calf. Again no other vehicles. It was amazing. We also loved the fact that it was our own private safari. We had plenty of room in the vehicle to move. The private luxury camps were fantastic and the camp staff was exceptional. I kept saying throughout the entire trip that this was the best vacation EVER!!!!!!

Christine Smith
April 2009

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