Quote of the Week: Brenda Rau

Where to start? When I began planning over a year prior I did a lot of research on the web and Africa Dream Safaris really rose to the top, I guess because it felt so much more personal – you followed up with me after my inquiry and receiving the DVD. You patiently answered all of my questions. It was so easy to be able to do the planning with you as you were always so prompt in returning my emails. As time went on, and we got into the actual planning I always felt like you were working to make my trip the best it could be for me, not ADS. You listened and adjusted, your suggestions were always spot on.

As for the actual trip, there really are no words to describe this experience. I know that’s what everyone says, but it is so true. It is an experience that I really wish that everyone on the planet could have before they pass. […] Everyone representing ADS (from the meet and greet, to the drivers) were so genuinely warm and friendly and welcoming. I truly felt as if they are so happy that I was there visiting their country. The incredible network of folks that you have to make this all happen is impressive. I felt completely safe the entire time, and as a single woman traveling alone that was a concern of many of my friends at home. Hakuna Matata!

The safari itself was so beyond my expectations, every day was another amazing adventure. The animals put on the most unbelievable show just doing their daily survival thing. My guide was incredible – the way that he could spot things that were so well hidden, the way that he always knew when to stop or slow down and let me take pictures or just watch, patient, respectful, good humor, willing to make things easy for me and incredibly knowledgeable about the plants, animals, insects, birds, etc. He also was willing to help me learn some Swahili words. The people there that I encountered all spoke really good, understandable English but it was so nice to be able to say a few words to them in their own language in their country. And, they always appreciated it – you could see their faces light up with beautiful smiles when you try!

The extensions that you arranged on either end were perfect. The accommodations were great, the transfers all worked like clockwork, there was never a worry – hakuna matata! Take Care, Asante Sana, Rafiki!

Brenda Rau
March 2009

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