Quote of the Week: Susan Weaver and Roger Sanders

Roger and I were so happy with our trip to Africa. It was truly an amazing experience. From the minute we were met, so graciously, at the airport by Jane, to our meeting with Steven and Joy for our trip to the River Lodge, and then our many adventures with [our guide], I can’t say enough about how professional and kind everyone was. It was obvious from the start that everyone associated with ADS always had OUR best interest at heart.

On our first day in the Serengeti, we got to see a pride of lions make a double wildebeest kill. It was soooooo exciting. [Our guide] spotted the lions lying low at the edge of the watering hole waiting for the wildebeests to approach. We watched for about 5 or so minutes as they came closer and closer. When the lions pounced, I almost jumped out of my seat. We got to see the victims put up quite a struggle but of course in the end were overcome. Following the kill, five cheetahs then approached from behind us, passing within feet of our truck. They were looking longingly at the dead wildebeests and making a kind of moaning sound. They were finally run off by one of the lions. It was so interesting and a real highlight for us.

Susan Weaver and Roger Sanders
March 2009

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