Quote of the Week: Christina Scharff

A dream come true! I will be the first to admit that I never expected to have such a fantastic trip. On our first day we saw more species of animals than we ever imagined would be possible for the entire trip. We were especially thrilled with seeing the leopard in the tree within a few hours of arriving in the Serengeti. The time we spent watching our first lion pride was exceptional, the little ones are so playful. Though it is hard to choose, I will have to admit the big cats (lions, leopards, cheetahs) were my favorite. Our sighting of fourteen of the black rhino in the Crater was a real treat. I still can’t believe the number of the animals we would see at one time; the herds of elephants, the rafts of hippos, the journeys of giraffes, the troops of baboons and monkeys, the dazzles of zebras, and of course the many wildebeest, I am still in awe. One afternoon we were in the midst of over 300 elephants. Our driver/guide was the best and could spot the animals so easily. He continually challenged us to find the animals ourselves and then helped us spot the many we couldn’t see as he counted them off for us. The facilities were all great but I especially enjoyed our first two nights at the Private Luxury Camp and our single night at the Plantation Lodge. Asante sana Africa Dream Safaris for making my dream come true.

Christina Scharff
March 2009

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