Quote of the Week: Anne and Eric Baugh

My wife Anne and I have been home reflecting on the most wonderful experience we have ever had. We spent 12 amazing days with George and Michele Ryan, visiting Arusha, the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. Understand, we normally spend our time like most people, working very hard at our jobs and hardly ever looking up to smell the roses. After I reintroduced myself to my wife on the plane I remember how excited we both were about the wonders we were soon to see. I have wanted to take this trip to Africa since I was 12. I am now sorry I waited 40 more years. After talking to [our ADS rep] for 10 minutes there was no turning back, we were going to Tanzania.

We, like everyone else who chooses ADS, were met as soon as we landed in Tanzania by an ADS person and we were coddled from that point until we got back on the plane to go home. After ADS took care of the visa and customs
process we retrieved our luggage. We walked to the front of the terminal and saw all the other tour companies waiting for their guest to clear the customs issues on their own. ADS was the only tour company that met their clients on the runway. We knew at that point we were in good hands.

[Our guide] was sent to us by the hand of God. [Our guide] was so many things to us on this trip. He taught us anthropology, archeology, architecture, geology, the big cats, wild life, birds, botany, tribal customs, scatology, politics, religion. He is a linguist, choir director; life coach, expert driver and he had too many other attributes to list them all here. I was a sniper in a former life and have good spotting ability but [Our guide] spotted a leopard at 250 yards through a five inch hole in the canopy of a tree while driving. It took me minutes to find the leopard with [our guide] pointing to it. I have the pictures to prove it. We saw more animals than some people I know who lived in Tanzania for three years. We saw every animal but the Rhino and wild dog on the first day in the Serengeti. [Our guide] taught us so much about life and the beautiful people of Tanzania that his memory will be with us for life. I will never forget [our guide] teaching us Swahili and the song “Jambo.” We have truly met a great man. [Our guide] required us to smell the roses.

The tents we stayed in were outstanding. The lodges were so beautiful. Our camp staff was always so happy to satisfy us. The food was so good and way too plentiful. Our chef even gave us the recipes to the meals we loved so much. I have traveled the world and have never had such great service as ADS provided. Saying “Goodbye” to the staff and at the airport was not easy but we knew we had made some new friends. Anne and I agree, we have been changed forever.

Anne and Eric Baugh
March 2009

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