Quote of the Week: Martin and Joan Kane

We wanted to thank you for planning and organizing one of the most memorable experiences of our lives. From the moment we stepped off the plane, we seemed to be treated with more care and with more enthusiasm than other visitors.

As you predicted, our guide was an absolute delight. He had an uncanny ability to spot animals seemingly invisible to us and to other guides (we were watching a leopard within hours of meeting him). Equally important, his cheerful personality was combined with seemingly unlimited knowledge of wildlife. We consider him a new and valued friend.

Every tent camp or lodge was excellent. Campfires, sundowners, gourmet dinners and wines, being escorted back to our tent in the dark by spear-carrying Maasai warriors, the sounds of cape buffalo and lions calling and scratching around our tent are just a few of our unforgettable experiences. Every day, we were game-driving at 6 am and we got to see just about everything possible.

Martin and Joan Kane
February 2009

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