Quote of the Week: Susan and Richard Hull

Wow – that was the most adventurous event of my life, bar none! The animals were fantastic – I think my favorite is the giraffe. And close encounters with the lions, both male and female (and cubs)…the buffalo munching on grass close to our tent at Kusini …thousands of wildebeest just parting in front of us on the road every day… many herds of impala with their babies and the lone ‘papa’ of the herd…elephants, majestic and quietly observing as they go about their business of eating trees…zebras, with their brown-striped babies…elands always keeping their distance from us…the cheetah so beautiful in the golden grass…the rhino like a small train on a slow run through all the other animals in the crater…and all the colorful birds.

It definitely delivered much more than I expected! We really enjoyed our guide’s company and knowledge of all the plants and animals. He was literally a walking encyclopedia though with a wonderful sense of humor. This was truly a trip of a lifetime.

Susan and Richard Hull
February 2009

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