Quote of the Week: Mark, Liz, Ian, Nicole, Stephanie and Lucas Neal

Our family of 6 has traveled to Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Canada and several places in the US. The Trip to the Serengeti was above all expectations. Everything, and we mean, everything went well. From the staff that met us in Arusha, to the people that worked in the luxury tented lodge, to the fabulous guide that we had in the Serengeti, everything was fantastic. Within two hours of landing in the Serengeti, we saw The Migration, hippos, giraffes and lions. Our guide was able to provide excellent service to us as adults, as well as our children ages 11 to 17. He was extremely knowledgeable of the animal behavior and the culture of the habitants of the region, was accommodating, engaging, polite and always on time. It was definitely voted by our family as the best vacation yet.

Mark, Liz, Ian, Nicole, Stephanie and Lucas Neal
December 2008

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