Quote of the Week: Sandra and Vahakn Hoogerwerf

We simply had a wonderful time in Tanzania. The trip exceeded our expectations perhaps because it is simply impossible to imagine such an amazing service by such wonderful people in the most beautiful environment one can imagine. […] In terms of the wildlife, we saw every animal we wanted to see. We saw over 50 lions, multiple cheetahs and leopards. We saw lion cubs and cheetah cubs. We saw a cheetah killing a Thompson gazelle. We saw rhinos, serval cats, ostriches and their little chicks, mating turtles, eland, genet cat, hyrax, hyenas and their cubs, an African hare, bat-eared foxes, kudu, many, many birds and many, many elephants, giraffes, the Great Migration of wildebeest and zebra and much, much more. We saw a pack of 9 wild dogs and even saw a black mamba up close and personal!

Many past customers have commented on their guides and we can only echo the general sentiment on how amazing the guides are. Our guide was just such a pleasure to be traveling with. He has an amazing ability for spotting animals and predicting and explaining their behavior. We learned so much from him and he added a tremendous enjoyment to our safari. He has an incredible appreciation and love for the wildlife in his country. We loved how he would not only teach us about all creatures great and small but also about birds and plants and foot prints in the sand. Or how he would spot a small dung beetle pushing a big ball of dung. Or how he spotted a leopard sleeping in a bird’s nest in the top of a tree. He took such great care of us! He was such a big component of our trip and made it as much an unforgettable experience as the wildlife we saw. […]

We were a bit skeptical before we left about all those wonderful customer quotes but now we understand and we are joining the list of ADS supporters. ADS, you guys are great. Asante!!

Sandra and Vahakn Hoogerwerf
November 2008

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