Quote of the Week: Mark Coleman

We really had a memorable trip to Tanzania thanks to Africa Dream Safaris whose personnel and attention to detail allowed us to focus on the jewels of Africa – the landscape, people and wildlife. Each day proved as special as the one before. Reflecting on each day we were sure that the next could not live up to the last – but we were consistently proved wrong. From following a male lion down a dusty road to his lioness and young cubs, with no one else anywhere to be seen to intrude upon our private viewing, to a pair of cheetahs who sought out the shade of our Land Cruiser for more than an hour, to the adolescent rough-housing of two young elephants, each trying to exert his dominance over the other, each day held its own unique surprises for us. As eventful as each day was, the service and accommodation that greeted us each evening was beyond our expectations and truly appreciated. As I review the photos of our trip, a smile comes to my face remembering fondly our trip of a lifetime.

Mark Coleman
August 2008

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