Thank You For A World Class Expereince!

In 2018 we started investigating tour companies in Africa and were very impressed by the literature and personal attention by Africa Dream Safaris and Dawn Anderson. There were no high-pressure sales but unfortunately plans change. When the opportunity arose again in 2022, I pulled out our ADS letters and handbook and contacted Dawn as I had a feeling in my gut that this was the right company for us.

ADS took care of everything, even when the airlines cancelled our flight out and we had to reschedule a week earlier. They kept us informed as to each step we needed to complete in order to gain entry to Tanzania.

It was impressive when we were met at the airport and whisked to the front of the line to complete customs and our Covid test. Everyone was very friendly and efficient, even though I messed up my health screening.

Initially, we wanted to go when we would not only see all the animals but also their babies. We saw every one of the animals we wanted to see and then some. But even more so, we came away unexpectedly with a respect for the Tanzanian people who were kind, thoughtful and beautiful people.

Baby baboons, baby hyenas, baby elephants and baby zebras

Lions and cheetahs and leopards, oh my

And the amazing and beautiful people of Tanzania…

Thank you for a world class experience.

Gary and Kathy H.
Fairview, Pennsylvania
Safari Dates: February 25, 2022 to March 7, 2022