Tanzania – More Than Just A Place!

I think it is important to start off by telling you what my wife and I are not. We are neither professional photographer’s nor are we professional writers getting paid or compensated for this article. What we are is just the average couple that wanted to go on safari in Tanzania and after careful research choose Africa Dream Safari’s to guide us on our adventure!

Starting out before daylight (our Choice), we looked back and witnessed the first glimmer of the sun setting the morning sky over the Serengeti on fire…It was in that moment that I knew we were in the right place with the right people to help us on our journey. This is but a handful of the 4000 plus photos we took.

When asked by our guide what we wanted most to see I simply replied “I want to see it all”! Our guide (Fazal) did everything and then some to accommodate our wishes, starting out early and getting back late (again our choice) he proceeded to unlock not just the beauty of the wildlife but that of the country as well…his knowledge and understanding of the Serengeti you could never get from a book, you have to live it and experience it.

From the Leopards spending their days resting and sleeping in the trees, coming down at dusk to survey and hunt…

To the Lions and Cheetahs of the plains…

You quickly learn “You are not the apex predator”. In the Serengeti everything is looking for its next meal!

Nothing gets wasted…

Our guide was an expert at locating and pointing out every creature imaginable that called Tanzania home be it big…

Or be it small.

It truly was a trip of a lifetime that I would highly recommend to anyone that wants to experience nature and wildlife in its natural habitat. The people and government of Tanzania realize what a great treasure they have and have worked hard to protect it, best of all they are willing to share it! Thank you Fazal and Africa Dream Safaris for helping a dream come true.

PS: any questions feel free to ask Dawn Anderson to put you in contact with us

Bob and Sally K.
Felton, Delaware
February 25, 2022 to March 07, 2022

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