Four Week Old Lion Cubs!

What a once in a lifetime adventure we had in Tanzania with our friends, Neil and Sharon! We were met at the airport in the Serengeti National Park by our guide, Ally, and on the first day we saw all of the big five animals except the black rhino!

Ally was so knowledgeable and helpful. He gave us information that we would have never known without him telling us. He was certainly a good teacher. His insights were intriguing and we kidded him about his “eagle eyes”! We got better in sighting animals as the time went on but never like Ally.

Some of our highlights included: seeing a cheetah stalk a gazelle, watching a leopard and a cheetah lounge in the tree with a kill, getting so close to lions we were absolutely amazed, watching female lions interact with 4 week old babies, and seeing elephants close to our vehicle.

We saw all of the big 5 when we saw 3 black rhinos in the Ngorongoro Crater. We could not have asked for a better trip. The accommodations were certainly more than we expected especially the luxury tents!!

Thank you Michael for answering all of our many questions.

Esther and Lew H.
Aurora, Colorado
Safari Dates: February 17, 2017 to February 25, 2017

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