Seeing The Amazement In My Children’s Eyes Was Priceless.

Our family just returned from our dream safari in Tanzania! Africa Dream Safaris provided us with everything we needed. The service Dawn provided us prior to our journey was always prompt and so valuable. She worked hard to make sure our trip was tailored to our desires and we greatly appreciate her efforts.

It was so comforting to have an ADS team member take care of us from the moment we stepped off our plane in Africa. The accommodations at each of our camps on the safari exceeded our expectations and the staff did everything to make our stay memorable, from the campfire discussions, the delicious meals, the hot water bottles in our beds, to the wake up calls with drinks and treats in the morning.

We were amazed every day by the knowledge of Russell, our guide. We can’t begin to express how impressed we were with his wealth of knowledge. We learned more in 9 days with him than we could have ever learned in a classroom. As we show friends pictures of our trip, we find ourselves adding so much extra information about each picture, from details about the animal’s social life, to information about why a bird or lion is acting a particular way, to details about the vegetation or terrain. Russell’s pride of his country and enthusiasm to share information spread to each of us and we can’t seem to stop sharing it with our friends. He had the skills to find and spot more animals than we ever dreamed we would see.

The first day of our safari, we saw animals every time we turned our head. We were privileged to witness a 45 minute wildebeest crossing of the Mara River. Nothing can describe the thunderous sound as they push their way across the river! We were able to see a zebra with a white mane, and when Russell took a picture of it we knew we witnessed something unusual.

We saw more lions and cheetahs than we could have hoped for. We saw 3 serval cats and 2 honey badgers which Russell said were rare to see. We were even lucky enough to see a tree climbing python and a black rhino. We have so many memories and stories and I know we will continue to repeat them for many years to come.

Africa is so alluring, providing a scenic picture with every turn of your head. You find yourself speechless as you try and soak up every bit of its beauty. I am so thankful to have had this experience with my family! Seeing the amazement in my children’s eyes with every turn of our trip was priceless.

I would strongly suggest to anyone who has ever considered going on safari to stop thinking about it and just do it. Take the trip. You won’t regret it. It is the most amazing, majestic place I have ever been, and I hope to return some day.

Michelle, Scott, Kristie, Janelle, Mary, Eugene and Timothy
Fleetwood, Pennsylvania
Safari Dates: July 11, 2014 to July 20, 2014

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