Well-done ADS!

We just returned from our first visit to Africa and it surpassed all of our expectations. From the planning of the trip with Dawn, all the way to our boarding the departure flight, we were amazed at the professionalism we experienced. Every detail was covered, including lots of surprises that only ADS customers experience.

We were blessed to have Pokea assigned as our driver/guide. There are not words to describe how special he made our trip. He seemed to always have us in exactly the right spot to get a good picture of the animals. Within 30 minutes of landing at the Mara River Air Strip, we were watching a river crossing. WOW, what an amazing site! Everyday was a little different, but he always managed to find something we hadn’t already seen. Only Pokea could pick a picnic spot under a tree where a leopard tortoise was resting.

Our main interest was seeing the big cats and cats he showed us. Cheetahs, on a kill, with cubs, single males and brothers. Lions, prides with male, female and cubs, black maned males, females with cubs and roaring lions. Leopards, in a tree with a kill, walking through a field, climbing a tree, and sitting on a rock.

If you are considering a safari, you should go with Africa Dream Safaris. One night at dinner in one of the tented camps, we found out how special being with ADS was. Pokea was eating with us and we were telling the others what a great guide he was. They were all part of a package deal through another company. They had some issues with one member of the group and it had been a real ordeal for them. On top of that, they had not had near the experiences we had, or the quality of guide. By the end of the meal, they were all asking Pokea questions. Questions they should have been able to ask their own guide, but maybe all guides aren’t equal? As the week wore on, it became apparent that very few companies get on the early morning action. In most cases, we found it first and had if for a long time before anyone else showed up, if they did at all. Everyday when we got into our land rover, we were the first to leave our camp. In most cases, that paid big dividends.

On the way out of the Ngorongoro area we visited FAME. They are doing some really great work there. If you decide to go to Africa, make this a part of your trip. You can read about it on the ADS site.

All in all it was truly a trip of a lifetime and one we will never forget!

The Harkey’s
Tobaccoville, North Carolina
September 2012

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    1. We had two different lenses that we primarily used. A Nikkor 70mm – 200mm and the really close shots were taken with a Nikkor 200mm – 400mm. We had a fabulous time. You won’t be disappointed in February.

      Laura and John

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