Cheetah Chase Video By Jim and Sandra Moran

A special thanks to returning safari guests Jim and Sandra who shared this spectacular video of a mother cheetah hunting a wildebeest on the Southern Serengeti Plains on April 28, 2016 . She later called her four cubs over to the kill. The Serengeti National Park is one the last strongholds for this critically endangered species and it’s always encouraging to see a mother being able to successfully raise and feed her cubs! Cheetah Hunts a Wildebeest from Africa Dream Safaris on Vimeo.

New Treetop Walkway In Lake Manyara National Park

A new treetop walkway is set to open during July 2016 in Lake Manyara National Park. This 500 meter walkway is located next to the park gate and consists of a series of hanging bridges reaching a height of 18 meters. Each of the nine hanging bridges will end with a viewing deck where one can view many different species of birds as well as the opportunity to see the three species of primates (blue monkey, vervet monkey and baboon) that inhabit the jungle like …

Our Serengeti Safari Video

A special thanks to Donna Archer and Tim Brooks for sharing their wonderful safari video they took while on a 10 day safari with ADS in February 2016 within the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Well done! Click on the expand icon in the bottom right corner to expand to full screen! Third Trip to Tanzania from Africa Dream Safaris on Vimeo.