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Sharon Lyon, The Lion Lady says “In over 60 safaris, this IS the BEST ever!!!”

What makes this one safari so special?? Cheetahs on the car!!!!! An answer to 16 years of prayer.  Amen!!! Not just one cheetah one time, but a total of 4 x’s cheetahs jumped on the car and the 4th time there were 2 cheetahs on the back tires and the one on the front jumped to the top and walked around the open top – Definitely a highlight of all my safaris!! I have pictures and video. WOOHOOO!!!! now my “list” is complete……. Cheetahs on the car:

The Lion Lady’s thoughts – Reverse itineraries


Our ADS company philosophy and founding mission statements govern who we are, what we do and influence the overall quality of our product and our clients experience. When we established our company we did our due diligence and discovered a niche that was not being accommodated. In utilizing our expertise, the new facilities available such as the scheduled flights and airports etc, we moved the safari business and clients from the archaic ways of the past (which only one very bad road in, no airport or …

The Lion Lady’s helpful hints

Two items I cannot leave home without when I go on safari: 1.) A regular American extension cord with a multiple outlet power strip so I can charge more then one item at a time and only need to use one plug or outlet. 2.) A flashlight that straps to my head so I can be hands free if need be in the middle of the night and all the lights are off or I have no clue where the switch is. I actually wear it on …