We Will Long Remember The Early Morning Sunrise Game Drives.

Our safari trip began with a call to ADS, and within a day we received a call from Lynn Newby-Fraser, who answered many questions from us who knew little about safaris. We were planning on a safari for seven—our daughter, her four children, and the two of us. Lynn addressed all of our questions and email correspondences promptly and worked to make our trip the best we could ever ask for. She is truly a very qualified safari consultant. Lynn worked with us, answering promptly the simplest, dumbest questions for weeks. She was so patient, polite, and gracious; we felt no fear asking her anything. In addition to keeping us reassured, she sent us many helpful hints and suggestions and checklists to make sure that we had everything we needed to have for the safari. Not a thing was missed or omitted. We even learned a few Swahili words before leaving. Because of Lynn, we were able to undertake this wonderful trip-of-a-lifetime with ADS, and we will do it again.

At Kilimanjaro Airport, we were met like celebrities by a representative who took us right through immigration with our visas and with no waiting in line; we were soon on our way to our luxurious hotel in Arusha. The “meet and greet” staff in Arusha was great, and the staff members promptly met us before and after the safari. Mathias and Francis patiently drove us to and from the airport and places of interest like the Cultural Heritage Center and the Tanzanite Experience. We shared our lunch, which the team at the Lemala Mara Camp packed for us, with Mathias and Francis. Richard and John from the Lemala Mara Camp were so gracious to even come say good-bye to us at the Mara River Airstrip, saying that they had a pick-up to do. Our last night with them was unforgettable. Like all dinners, theirs was delicious with a beautiful presentation. Ten of their workers sang the “Jambo, Jambo bana; Habari, Habari gama . . . .” song and presented us with a delicious good-bye cake. It was sad to think that was the end of our wonderful, memorable safari trip. We thoroughly enjoyed every one of the accommodations—there is something great and unique about each of them.

Ellson, our driver-guide who provided us the private safari, became part of our family, like Lynn, from the instant we met him. He personalized our safari, and we felt he was completely devoted to our interests and wishes. We had all-day game drives, and he knew the right places to go and which animals to look for, asking after each stop if we were ready to go on; he never took anything for granted. He gave us details on each animal, answered every question, and showed us pictures from his books. The very few times when he was not so sure, he admitted it, which we appreciated. With his knowledge, he could write a great book. We asked questions not only about our trip but about Tanzania’s politics, education, economy, people, etc.

We will long remember the early morning sunrise game drives, picnic breakfasts and lunches, and the many different animals, birds, primates, reptiles, raptors, and trees of the serene Serengeti and Tarangire National Parks, Ngorongoro Crater, the Great Migration, Lake Manyara, and the Mara River. All these priceless memories are thanks to ADS—Lynn, Ellson, the ADS Arusha staff, and all of the accommodations staff members. Everyone was beyond belief—gracious, polite, helpful, and always looking after our interests first. A footnote—Ellson kept our vehicle immaculate. Our ride was dusty and muddy, not to mention bumpy, and with four children, messy. Every morning he had it spotless like the first day he picked us up in Arusha. ADS should be proud of Lynn and Ellson, who have a deep love for their profession and are truly “people” employees.

Thank you for the beautiful t-shirts, hats, bottles of water, cokes, jar of cookies, and bags of candies, as well as use of binoculars and a cell phone. The kids AND adults enjoyed your thoughtfulness and are making good use of the t-shirts and hats still. Thank you very much for such nice gifts. Your brochures, CD, and materials were very helpful, as well. The Arusha staff gift of the traditional Maasai bracelet and stamped Tanzania postcard to send to friends and family are very special and a good remembrance of all of you gracious people. Sherrie sent her postcard to us, and it was awaiting our return home to the U.S. from the best safari experience. ADS is most thoughtful and considerate in all it does for its clients. Our sincere thank you and gratefulness to ADS’s entire team who made our safari adventure the best traveling experience in our ten years of traveling together as a family. The kids and we will never forget our travel with ADS and each one of its behind-the-scene staff who worked hard for us, also. Asante Sana, Asante Sana.

Finally, a day or two before our long-awaited trip to Tanzania, Oprah Winfrey was on Good Morning America, and she mentioned, “I’ve done a lot of safaris, but there’s nothing like the Serengeti. It is huge; nothing like it.” Soon after we returned, I saw her on David Letterman’s show. There she was again with a picture of her and a man in the Serengeti, exclaiming how wonderful it is. There is no question that we made the right choice with ADS and Lynn.

Asante Sana,

Sherrie E. and Family
Newport Beach, California
Safari Dates: August 11, 2013 to August 20, 2013

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