Our 2nd Safari with ADS

This was our second african safari with ADS and we thought our first trip could never be topped…we were wrong. Our trip was during the dry season in August because our priority was to see the great migration river crossing. Our guide Reggie was simply awesome and his keen sense of animals was incredible. His anticipation of where animals might be and his awareness of events that may occur was amazing. We started each day at 6 AM and didn’t return to our lodge/tent camping …

Three Generations on Safari in Tanzania!

Safari Photo by Brit Huckabay with wildebeest migration in background. From left to right: Hunter Huckabay, Crosby Huckabay and Callie Huckabay (sun glasses) with Grayson Huckabay seen through the window. Dear Lynn, The entire Huckabay tribe joins me in thanking you for an absolutely wonderful safari! I don’t mean to sound sappy, but it really was like living out a dream that Prestine and I had cherished for years. Ever since our first safari in 2004, we have wanted to take our children and grandchildren on the …

Meet Experienced ADS Guide – Reggie

In this video, an ADS guest films their guide Reggie talking about his experience working for Africa Dream Safaris. With over 14 years of experience in the bush, he tells a story of how he handled a close encounter with a female lion on one of his safari adventures with a vehicle filled with eager and excited guests.

Confused by Vaccinations? Don’t Be. Here’s the Skinny!

Confused by african safari vaccinations? You are not alone! This may be the most common question I get from clients as they are preparing for their upcoming safari! Although we ALWAYS recommend you visit with your own doctor or travel clinic before making any decisions, here’s my own special cliff notes version to help the casual safari traveler navigate through the waves of conflicting information out there: Lucky for us Tanzania is an easy country to travel to and not much is required in terms of vaccinations. …

Lion Vs. Warthog

On a recent safari with ADS, guest Randall Meyer films two male lions fighting over a warthog carcass just feet away from his vehicle in the bush.

‘Pop Up’ Gina – A Cheetah Video

Check out this thrilling video submitted from Gina Cross, one of our returning safari guests, who has the courage to ‘pop up’ and capture the ending of this amazing video. It’s quite extraordinary how habituated several cheetahs in the Serengeti have become to safari vehicles over the years. This trait is passed down from mother to offspring as young cheetah grow up in the presence of vehicles just as soon as they are old enough to their den. We have been seeing this behavior for …

ADS Guest spots Elephant in Ngorongoro Crater

On a morning game drive in the Ngorongoro Crater, an ADS guest films her close encounter with a 4 ton elephant. Listen as our wildlife expert Reggie answers all of her questions about the incredible creature standing just a few feet away.

ADS Guest films Lion Hunting Wildebeest

At daybreak, an ADS guests films a lioness as she prepares to capture a wildebeest near Ndutu Lake at Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

ADS Guest Films Ngorongoro Crater from her Terrace

An ADS guest films the view from her terrace at the Ngorongoro Crater where she’s about to begin her morning game drive.

ADS Guest Films Manyara National Park

An ADS guest films a pair of Tanzanian vervet monkeys as they feast on the grasses of the Serengeti. Close by, a baby giraffe looks directly into the camera as two adult giraffes circle their young for protection. Watch the video here: