I Took Over 3,000 Safari Photos

I want to take the time to thank you so much for developing such a great itinerary. We loved the Northern Serengeti. If we were to only do one area it would be the Northern Serengeti. And as you mentioned having some rain was fabulous.

Our favorite lodgings were the Serengeti Bushtop and the Camp in the Central Serengeti called Seronera Sametu Camp (not to be missed). Seronera Sametu Camp was located right in the middle of the migration (just an unbelievable experience). The friendly Buffalo Springs camp provided the unique night game drive which allowed us to see a lot of the night critters. They also had a daytime game drive where our guide could go wherever he wanted and we found lots of critters up close.

Swala Camp had a unique setting and a group of unique animals. They had excellent service and we enjoyed it also. I can’t say enough about our guide. We got to meet some other ADS travelers on the way and of course the conversation eventually gets around to how great your guide is. I’m happy to say we didn’t meet anyone with ADS that didn’t think they had the greatest guide. Thank goodness we chose a company who has extremely knowledgeable guides. Ours was a ranger for 17 years college educated, worked on the rhino project and knew the area like the back of his hand.

I also want to thank you for such a descriptive itinerary that was so accurate. We had talked to many people who had gone to Africa and each of them said to bring books to read in the camp during the middle of the day. We soon learned that African Dream Safari provided a much different experience. We usually went from 6am to 6pm. We got to see Africa.

Being a photographer I got to take over 3,000 photos. Now I’m hard at work at selecting the best. Having only four in the vehicle was great. When we looked at some of the other crammed vehicles I was so happy we were not with them. They would have made taking photos very difficult.

In summary we thank you and thank you some more. Your knowledge and wisdom in putting an itinerary together gave us an unforgettable trip.


Jim and Pat Whitticom
Montrose, Colorado
November 2011

4 Responses to I Took Over 3,000 Safari Photos

  1. Angela says:

    Beautiful pictures! We head on our safari in approximately one month and I love reading the reviews and seeing the pictures others have taken. They all make me so excited and confirm that we’ve chosen a great company to safari with.

    • Michael says:

      Angela – Thanks for reading the ADS Blog. We look forward to welcoming you to Tanzania next month in February for your safari.

  2. Jim and Mary Rampe says:

    Michael, stunning pics. Good to see the cheetahs we enjoyed together, but your other pictures are something else. I guess that is the difference between a camera and a CAMERA! I hope the 4 of you have had good laughs over the experience.
    I wonder if ADS gets tired of ‘pure delight’ emails? They are an extraordinary organization. Have a “safari” new year filled with unexpected thrills around every turn.

    • ADS says:

      It has certainly been an exciting year in the Serengeti with lots of extraordinary safari stories and pictures. I always enjoy reading each and every report. In fact, we are working on a ‘best of 2011′ posting that will highlight some of the best pictures and postings we received during the year. There are so many great shots that it is really hard choosing!

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