Quote of the Week: Joanna Litvack and Family

My husband and I did a lot of research before committing to ADS. We wanted the best for our ‘trip of a lifetime.’ ADS lived up to its reputation and more. We took our three boys with us and each one of us loved the trip. First, we could not have asked for a better guide. He found four leopards in trees — which other trucks simply drove past because their drivers did not know what to look for. We were amazed at how he found lions (we saw three prides), cheetahs (we saw many) and leopards. We spent most of our time going to places where there were no other people. We truly had the safari to ourselves. Second, the lodges and camps were truly luxurious. We preferred the luxury camps and were truly impressed at the level of accommodations and service. I cannot recommend ADS more highly and I would recommend them (and will) to my closest friends. Third, the people of Tanzania were very friendly and the side, cultural trips offered by ADS are worthwhile.

Joanna Litvack and Family
August 2010

Large male lion sauntering over to a shade tree.


A pride of lions finishing up some scraps from their dinner.


A mother cheetah and her sub adult cub basking in the bright Serengeti sunshine.

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