Quote of the Week: The Saffouri Family – Bassam, Barbara, Eliana, George, and Steffi

Thank you for all of your help and warm wishes! We arrived home tired but amazed at the wonderful adventure we had just experienced. Our safari was more than we ever could have hoped for, and we were extremely lucky in our animal sightings. On our first day alone, we saw lion cubs feasting on a recent kill, an ostrich mating dance, a herd of elephants within arms-distance from our truck, and so much more!

An elephant using his trunk to scratch a hard-to-reach itch behind his ear!

Our hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti was memorable even for those of us afraid of heights. At Ngorongoro crater, we were fortunate enough to see a rhino (only after our driver spotted it!) and newborn lion cubs with their mother. With the help of our guide, we counted over 100 different species of birds, much to the excitement of our daughter who had studied many of them at school. Over the six days, we saw the famous Big Five, and we believe we were the only ones of the other groups we encountered who had. The wildlife was incredible, but we also cannot fail to mention the sheer beauty of the land and the different habitats within. The crater was probably our favorite region with its panorama view and lush flora. Another highlight included visiting Olduvai Gorge and witnessing the site of one of the most groundbreaking discoveries in history – it truly was an awe-inspiring and humbling experience.

An elegant cheetah gliding through the Serengeti grasses.

We would like to end by commending the wonderful hospitality and warmth displayed by the people in Tanzania, both at the lodges and with your company. As we were newcomers to Africa, we were naturally a bit nervous, and the ladies who greeted us made us feel welcome and at ease. But most of all, we could not have been luckier to have been assigned [our guide]. His knowledge of wildlife and ability to spot obscure animals in the distance was astounding. Not only could he point things out, but he could explain details about the biology and behavioral aspects of each animal, which enriched the experience so much more. Over the six days, we regarded him as more of a friend than just a guide. He truly made a great safari unforgettable, and we will always remember his kindness and warmth towards our family. Thank you again.

The Saffouri Family – Bassam, Barbara, Eliana, George, and Steffi
July 2010

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