Quote of the Week: Rahool Karnik and Family

Where to begin? First of all, let me say that you run an absolutely first-rate organization. Our trip was nearly cancelled because of the volcano and I was so thankful that you were able to reschedule the entire safari on such short notice. Once we finally arrived in Tanzania, our ADS representative was there right on the tarmac to greet us, arrange for our visas, and handle customs. We completely bypassed the long customs lines! Once we left the terminal, we saw all the “other” safari tour operators trying to find their clients. We hopped right into our vehicle and headed to Arusha. That evening, we were treated to singing and a cake to commemorate by Dad’s retirement, which was really a very nice and special thing to for you to arrange. Thank you.

The following day was off to the Serengeti via plane. The flight provided quite a few dramatic views of the African landscape. On arriving to Grumeti, we were greeted by our driver/guide. We absolutely loved his company. Not only was he knowledgeable about the flora and fauna, but he had a wonderful ability to sense when something was about to happen. He is also clearly blessed w/ the eyes of an eagle because he was able to spot things while driving that I could barely discern w/ a 400mm lens. In one instance, he spotted 4 lions perched in a thickly overgrown tree from at least 300 yards away. He was also always flexible and accommodating…willing to start each day whenever we wanted and positioning the vehicle just so in order to get the perfect shot. We always felt very safe and secure w/ him around.

As for the wildlife, it was non-stop. From giant crocodiles in the Grumeti, the wildebeest migration, cheetahs on the savannah, leopards in Seronera, and the black rhinos of the Ngorongoro we saw it all. The sheer spectacle of wildlife that the Serengeti can showcase is truly awe-inspiring. One of my favorite moments was coming across a lion pride that had just made a zebra kill. After eating for a few minutes, 3 of the lionesses suddenly left and walked off into the distance. After about 30 minutes, they returned w/ 8 tiny cubs in tow to join in the meal. A half hour later, one of the lionesses left the pride again. We followed her this time as she ventured deep into the long grass and eventually emerged w/ an even younger cub! It was a long way away from the kill so she carried him in her mouth for half the journey! It was a touching sight.

The ADS private camp is an absolute must! The most wonderful staff we met during the entire trip… they were so nice and accommodating that I felt guilty asking them to do anything. Rama truly made us feel like royalty while there. Henry, who was our chef, is simply unbelievable. In the middle of the bush, he crafted by far not only what were the best meals of the entire trip, but some of the best dishes I have ever had… in the middle of Seronera! If he opened a restaurant, I can promise that I would be a regular there. And the location of the camp was key. Right in the bush, we were in the midst of the wildlife. I loved sleeping to the sounds of lions and hyenas.

So once again, let me say thank you to the entire ADS staff for an absolutely first-class safari. I had extremely high expectations for this trip and at almost every turn you exceeded them. It was the best vacation I have ever taken and an absolute trip of a lifetime. My parents and sister had no less a fabulous time and we were able to capture countless great photos.”

Rahool Karnik and Family
May 2010

A male lion in his prime.


A pair of zebras relaxing against a backdrop of lush green foliage.


A male and female impala racing across the plains.

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