Quote of the Week: Paul and Phillip Mastoridis (father and son)

We researched and interviewed many Safari companies before we decided upon Africa Dream Safaris. The reason we chose you was because of your flexibility to accommodate our needs and desires; to really customize our Safari. No other outfitter was as accommodating and flexible as Africa Dream Safaris. They were able to organize a tour of the Maasai and Iraqw village. The Hot Air Balloon Ride they arranged over the Serengeti was spectacular! They were able to organize a morning to stop by a school where we were able to give school supplies to the children. This was one of our highlights of our journey. It is great to receive such a wonderful safari but it was great to give back as well. To see the wonderful smiles of the children as they sang for us was truly gratifying! Africa Dream Safaris truly exceeded our expectations! Tanzania is truly a spectacular and miraculous country! I was glad to have chosen such an excellent, flexible, friendly, and experienced outfitter such as Africa Dream Safaris! I would definitely use them again and I highly recommend them; you will not be disappointed! Finally I will leave you with a song my son and I learned while in Tanzania (in Swahili).

Jambo – Hi
Jambo bwana – Hi sir
Habari gani? – How are you?
Mzuri sana – Very fine
Wageni mwakaribishwa – Visitors are welcome
Tanzania yetu – Our (country) Tanzania
Hakuna matata – (where there are) no worries
Verses below (followed by Hakuna Matata)
Tanzania nchi nzuri – Tanaznia is a nice country
Nchi ya maajabu – A beautiful country
Nchi yenye amani – A peaceful country
Tanzania yetu – Our country (Tanzania)
Tanzania wote – All Tanzanians

Paul and Phillip Mastoridis (father and son)
March 2010

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