Quote of the Week: The Lyman Family

Many thanks to you and the staff both in the United States and Tanzania for our dream-come-true vacation! We have so many memories, stories to tell and photos! Every detail was perfect. The lodges were beautiful, the food was more than delicious and our driver/guide was top notch! He was so knowledgeable about the animals, the plants and the terrain. He could spot animals as well as an eagle! It was great seeing lions every day since they are my favorite! We also saw a hyena make a kill, we saw a lioness with 4 cubs playing, and a pride of lions lying around digesting the wildebeest they had just eaten while jackals enjoyed the leftovers. We saw a herd of 37 (yes 37) giraffes! We saw a serval! We saw soooo many animals, more than I can list! Tanzania is beautiful and the people of Tanzania are so friendly! Thank you again for our trip of a life time!

The Lyman Family
June 2009

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