Quote of the Week: Deidre Bridges and Family

All of us had the absolute BEST time. ADS is AWESOME! We had complete confidence in everyone we met. The Tanzanian people are delightful – we would be wise to treat one another the way they treat people. [Our guide] was PERFECT for our family – the ideal mix of guide/teacher/humorist/skill and expertise. Everyone loved him. The animals are amazing. The scenery is amazing. How the raw strength and power of the larger animals [like lions] contrasted with their lazy afternoons of lounging and sleeping just boggles my mind. How can animals that dangerous look like you could just reach out and scratch them behind the ears so much of the time?? We saw every animal we hoped to see. [Our guide’s] love for the land and the animals was evident and quite touching. I don’t know what could have possibly made our trip any better. I just can’t thank you enough for everything.

Deidre Bridges and Family
November 2008

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