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An Expertly Planned And Executed African Safari.

Thanks to the entire ADS staff for an unforgettable family safari vacation. We did not expect the diversity in the animals we viewed, or the landscapes we traveled. Our pictures have been a huge hit with our family and friends who cannot believe the situations we were a part of, such as a Lioness fighting with a pack of Hyenas over a meal (our picture included here). Our guide had extensive knowledge of the animals, the land, and the culture, which added to what was happening right outside of the truck. We were learning and having fun at the same time! Our guide was top notch and always found interesting “surprises” for us to explore.

The pre-safari planning insured we had everything we needed, so that we didn’t need to worry while travelling, and could just focus on enjoying the trip. The help with renting our camera equipment was great, as the photos we were able to capture will preserve these family memories. We appreciated the escorted service from the airport and back again, as we never felt alone, or had to worry about what was next, again letting us focus on having fun and enjoying Africa. The accommodations were excellent as well, and have received as many comments as the photos of the animals and landscape. We realize the effort it takes to provide these services in the middle of the Serengeti and the hard work of ADS and the Camp staffs to provide them.

And, when on the last day, the unpredictability of Africa lead to a missing bridge and no road to Arusha, the ADS staff was quick to pull together a “Plan B”, to insure we made it to our plane on time. We will have no problem recommending ADS to anyone wanting to have an expertly planned and executed African Safari.


Greg, Molly and Lily F.
Columbia, Tennessee
Safari Dates: March 26, 2013 to April 1, 2013

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We saw everything…the Big 5, the Ugly 5, some of the Little 5

We have been home from our safari for a few days and are still beaming over the experiences. It was one of the most memorable times in our lives – a privilege to see some of the earth’s most beautiful and unique animals in their native environment. We were a bit concerned that the game drives in the Serengeti during the rainy season would mean we’d forego opportunities to fully experience the area. Not at all true. We saw everything we’d hoped to see….the Big 5, the Ugly 5, some of the Little 5, and the highlight being the assembly of a million wildebeests working their way across the plains at the onset of the Great Migration. There was also the added bonus of so many babies and healthy animals enjoying the abundance of food. It was truly beautiful to see dozens of shades of green foliage across the Seronera plains, around the Gol Kopjes, Naabi Hill, Ndutu Lake, Olduvai Gorge and Ngorongoro Crater.

We have reflected on what made our safari so wonderful, and have to say the most important item was the quality of our guide. Not only did Russell seem to know everything about the animals in the Serengeti, but he also had an energy introducing us to the animal behaviors. He could spot animals and birds from hundreds of yards in the distance before there was anything obvious to see. We were often the first, and only, vehicle at a sighting and Russell attentively positioned and repositioned the vehicle so that we could have the best viewing and picture taking opportunities. And, regarding birds, we had only a slight interest in birding when we started our safari. However, Russell’s knowledge of birds was infectious and by the end of the safari we had recorded sightings of 123 species. We enjoyed laughter and good natured ribbing – especially during our quest for the dung beetle!

Thank you for all of your efforts. We hope you enjoy a few of our favorite photos.

David and Lynette B.
Georgetown, Texas
Safari Dates: April 7, 2013 to April 15, 2013

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A Trip of a Lifetime…Twice!

Every day a new adventure….literally. Our first safari was on July 2011 and was amazing. This one, in March 2013 was so different that it was AS amazing as the one before! The trip was flawless and everything was taken care of by ADS.

Our guide Anglebert was incredible! He knew where to go, what to look for, where to park the car to have the best view. We really can´t say enough about his knowledge and expertise!

We saw lions and cheetahs hunting. Lion cubs of all ages, Serval cats, lions resting on trees, leopards and rhinos, which we missed on our first trip…. the list goes on and on.

The lodges and camps were great! Once again our expectations of a safari were exceeded. Incredible Tanzania, perfect guide, wildlife everywhere what an incredible safari!!

Alejandra M. and Family
Safari dates: March 26, 2013 to April 3, 2013


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Sandy & David Mazur

The trip was wonderful! David and I had such an experience, we’ll never forget it. All the camps were great and the people at the Private Luxury Camp were unbelievable. Michael (our driver) was simply amazing! I loved just listening to his endless knowledge and the animals he spotted was just a giant bonus. Our favorite day was having breakfast on the hood of our car while a herd of elephants strolled behind us!

ADS is a great organization and we’ll recommend them to anyone who is interested in an African Safari. Asante Sana for all your help Lynn.

Sandy and David Mazur
Pagosa Springs, Colorado
February 2012

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