Elephants, Lions, Giraffes and Many, Many More!

Our recent trip to Tanzania with Africa Dream Safari was life-altering, to say the least. On June 16, my husband and I, our children (ages 7 and 9) and my parents arrived not knowing what to expect. Tanzania is a truly amazing country, one that I missed before we even left. We felt very welcomed and safe and learned so much in just 10 short days. It is difficult to describe to other’s the scenery, the people, and the feeling you get while there.

Our guide, Roman was just awesome. He was beyond helpful, beyond caring, easy to get along with and really understood our needs without us even having to ask. His knowledge about the country, the people, the vegetation and the animal life is like no other. He treated us with respect and kindness and was great with the kids – even stopping in the Serengeti for a game of frisbee!

Upon arrival at Kilimanjaro Airport, we were met by an ADS representative who took us to the front of the line for our visas. We were quickly in and out of the airport and knew then that we were going to be well taken care of.

The next day, we were driven to an airstrip and even before we landed, our game drives began as we saw zebra and gazelle scatter below us at the sound of our plane! We saw more animals on that first day than we expected to see the entire trip! Lions, zebras, elephants, giraffes, hyenas and many, many more! Roman would get us so close to the animals that if you were to reach out you could touch them! We were even lucky enough to spot a black rhino in the Ngorongoro crater!

In addition to the animal life and vegetation, we were able to visit a Masaai Village and interact with the villagers and children. This was quite an exciting experience not only for us adults but for the children as well, as we were welcomed into their homes and were taught so many of their many talents. An experience that we will never forget.

We also had the pleasure of visiting the School of St. Jude, where students and staff gave us a tour of the beautiful grounds and all of the incredible work being done for the children of Arusha. It gave my children a great perspective on life.

So, thank you. When we go safari again, we will be using African Dream Safari for sure. And will of course we will recommend ADS to everyone we know.

With Gratitude,

Andrea P.
Manchester, Connecticut
Safari Dates: June 16, 2017 to June 24, 2017

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