Rare Carcal Cat Spotted

We cannot thank Sharon Lyon and ADS enough for providing us with our trip of our lives! Not only was it a wonderful vacation, it was a true adventure! ADS provided EVERYTHING we needed to feel safe, secure and thoroughly enjoy ourselves. Our guide, Anglebert, was extraordinary. His knowledge of the animals created a new experience every day for us…so much so that we actually looked forward to our 5.00am wake-up calls, so that we were in the vehicle before 6.00am.

We learned that this is one of the best times to view the behaviors of the animals, and they did not disappoint. We learned so much about the natural order of things-how lucky are we to have experienced this! I am sure Mike will fill you in with the details…there is so much to report, remember and absorb. Our excitement has not subsided, and each time we view our photos, we find ourselves wanting to do it again!!

We wish we could tell you our favorite animal, but they were all so extraordinary that we would feel guilty choosing one over the other. Please thank you complete staff for all of their assistance in making this a trip we will never forget!

Some of the more unusual animal sightings we enjoyed included a caracal cat, serval cat and oryx antelope.


Linda and Larry R.
Gold River, California
Safari Dates: October 5, 2015 to October 18, 2015

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