A Childhood Dream

Visiting Africa had been a dream since childhood, and it was only when I realized how easy planning a safari could be with ADS that I decided to go for it. The ADS staff guided our every step in the planning process and let us focus on just having a great trip. The safari itself exceeded our every expectation.

Our driver, David, was a true professional with an incredible depth of knowledge on African geography, culture, flora, and fauna. If we told David we wanted to spot a particular animal, he found it-against all odds. In fact, when we told him we’d like to see a snake, he located an African Rock Python sunning itself about 20 feet up in a tree (how did he do that?).

He knew just where to see reclusive leopards, and the perfect place for spotting a black rhino in the Ngorogoro Crater. In addition to David, all the other ADS staff were fantastic. Our private camp was an incredible experience-particularly the traditional African meal, which left us groaning (with pleasure) from overeating! Plus, we were thrilled to find a pride of 17 lions camped out a mere 100 meters from our tent. What an experience!

I’ve already told several friends about ADS and encouraged them to make their Africa dreams a reality sooner than later. ADS really deserves its fantastic reputation as an outfitter.

Jim, Barbara and Madeleine Hill
Saratoga Springs, New York
August 2012

2 Responses to A Childhood Dream

  1. Diane Ventura says:

    It is a dream of mine also. When I’m ready I will Definately use ADF…..

  2. Diane Ventura says:

    It is a dream of mine also. When I am ready I will Definately use ADS…

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