Quote of the Week: Jan Jeffries

It has been several weeks since we arrived back home from our trip in Tanzania with ADS and we are still talking about it every day. Words really not cannot describe what an experience this dream trip of a lifetime was for us. Let me preface by saying, that my husband was not at all keen on taking this trip but agreed, primarily so I would stop talking about it. He was more than pleasantly surprised – he absolutely loved every minute of it, as did I.

I spent countless hours researching countries, safari outfitters, and online reviews. It was a big commitment and I wanted to make sure that I made the right choice. ADS stood out in many ways. First of all I liked that they do not own any properties so were able to give me unbiased opinions on the various properties I was considering (or properties that I wasn’t even aware of). Secondly, the correspondence with ADS was pleasurable, thorough, and timely. I could tell that my rep at ADS was highly motivated to make this trip just exactly right and just exactly the way we wanted it. Her great attitude of enthusiasm and service made the trip a joy to plan. She was quick to answer any and all questions and to get any information that I needed. And, third, and most importantly, is that the trip went FLAWLESSLY! All the transfers, commuter planes, camp/lodge reservations, EVERYTHING was perfect. We were expected and well taken care of from start to finish. We felt totally secure and well-looked after from beginning to end.

We chose the northern Serengeti for our trip. I had communicated to my ADS rep that I was not interested in being somewhere where there were dozens of vehicles bearing down on an animal sighting, nor was I interested in staying in “pseudo-African” lodges that no matter how nice, could quite possibly be found at a theme park in America. With that she and I came up with the most amazing itinerary and, ultimately, the most amazing experience. A major key to how amazing this trip was, was the ADS guide that we had. Our guide was indefatigable in his pursuit of every possible wildlife experience out there. He was so enthusiastic and so knowledgeable, that every day was an adventure that left us wanting more. He was warm and funny and sincere and humble. Our last day with him had me in tears, I knew how much I was going to miss him. Many days we would come back to our lodging and in talking to other people find out that we had seen all kinds of things that NO ONE else had. We also overheard comments from guests not with ADS saying that their guide seemed bored or didn’t talk much. Our guide could spot things from so far away, it was mind-boggling – like a lion the same color as a rock, on a rock a half-mile away – seriously! The guide you have on a trip like this is so key to the entire experience and we were so so appreciative to have our guide!

So, what did we see? Just about everything!! We saw 4 – yes 4! – migration crossings of the Mara River. We saw lions and prides of lions. We saw a group of lions with a kill being challenged by a group of hyenas (guess who won? – lions, of course). We saw a lot of babies – cheetahs, lions, giraffes, monkeys, baboons, elephants, hippos, and wart hogs to name some. We saw the elusive black rhino (three of them) in the Ngorongoro Crater. We saw enormous Nile crocodiles. We saw the most beautifully colored birds that you could possibly imagine. And with all of the wildlife we had the wonderful experience of learning and seeing first hand the culture of the Tanzanian people through visiting a medical clinic, a school, and Maasai village. This is a culture of friendly, happy people. The service everywhere we stayed reflected that joy for life and their desire to please.

I am so glad I picked ADS. I have no doubt in my mind that it was the absolute best possible choice – not just for us, but for anyone. They will give you the trip you want at a competitive price and with tremendous attention to detail. Thank you for creating this trip of lifetime!

Jan Jeffries
October 2010

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