Quote of the Week: Rochelle, Lisa and Mitch Blumenfeld

We have been back just under two weeks now and we are still marveling at what an awesome trip we experienced. Carol and Rick Flam could have never have prepared us for the trip we had; truly it was our Africa Dream Safari. It is hard to come up with enough superlatives to accurately reflect the trip we experienced. I know we have had a debriefing conversation, but let this letter record our feeling about your company and the job that was done by ADS.

From the time we first made contact with ADS until the time we came home, everyone we came in contact with was more than helpful and focused on making this a trip of a lifetime. As you know, it is not an easy trip, but the entire company went all out to make it so memorable. Your help over the past 15 months was so important in making this trip come off so smoothly. You answered all our questions and addressed all our concerns. We could not ask for more.

As for our arrival in Arusha, your staff was there as promised, met us and ushered us through their immigration without a hitch. When she took us to the Arusha airstrip the next morning, again she ushered us through check in and was able to facilitate them waiving the weight problem we were anticipating with all of Lisa’s camera equipment. Everything was “Hakuna Matata”.

But here is where it really gets good. We met [our guide]! Again, a recommendation by Carol and Rick that could not have been anticipated. You have a real jewel in this man. Not only is he polite, conscientious, and experienced, but he understands people and animal behavior. I would be the first to tell you that traveling with my daughter, sister, niece, and my wife presented some interesting dynamics. We all have different personalities, agendas, and needs. [Our guide] was able to quickly understand what he was dealing with and cater to each of us in a way that made our experience sensational. Each of us felt that personal connection with [him], and that he was personally guiding for each of us individually. And yet, he made it great for all of us. [He] knew behavior. He had the insight to position ourselves to witness what was going to either be a kill, or better yet, a rescue. After almost 2 hours of observation, we did see the rescue of a baby wildebeest by the herd from an almost certain kill situation. Most other cars that were there just drove off rather than wait, observe, and witness a rarity.

[Our guide] also shared with us villages in his country that we felt were not just tourist stops. We were lucky to meet and gain a real appreciation for the beautiful people of Tanzania. Daniel, the Iraqw gentleman we met was terrific in exposing us to his culture. We also visited two orphanages in the Arusha area. This was a moving and learning experience for our whole family.

We loved the accommodations arranged by ADS. Mbalageti Lodge was fantastic. Ngorongoro Crater Lodge was also fantastic. And we really enjoyed the Private Luxury Camping. All of your personnel at the campsite were terrific and couldn’t do enough for us in providing for our needs. And the food was the best at the campsite; better than both lodges in my opinion. Compliments to that entire staff at the campsite.

Our farewell trip to the airport was a very emotional experience for all of us. We felt as if we were leaving behind a wonderful country, and more importantly, a wonderful new friend that we had made with [our guide]. I don’t know how the experience could have been any better. For this, much of the credit must go to [our guide] for the complete experience he provided our family.

As you must know, we have spoken to many fiends about our experience and ADS. We will continue to promote ADS when ever anyone mentions going to Africa. I am working with my cousin to encourage her along with 4 of her widow friends to make the journey while they still can. Your entire team has succeeded beyond any of our expectations, and for that we are all very appreciative. […] Again, all of our thanks and appreciation to African Dream Safaris.

Rochelle, Lisa and Mitch Blumenfeld
May 2010

Some of the first rays of morning light to illuminate the Serengeti wilderness that day.


A Maasai child peaking out from the protective pouch his mother uses to carry him on her back.


A cheetah pausing for a moment before continuing on his way to find food; cheetahs are built for speed rather than fighting, and they are constantly on alert for danger.

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