Quote of the Week: Usha, Kumar and Sumanth Peddamatham

It goes without saying that our Safari trip to Tanzania was one of a kind. Even if one has watched National Geographic Videos about wildlife it can’t be compared to our up -close and personal rendezvous with animals in the wild. It was almost surreal to watch these animals at play, napping, planning their next move, gorging on fresh kill in a setting that defies description. When the lion or lioness stares back at you, one feels that we are the caged ones and the tables are turned on us! Our non stop encounters with wildlife were made possible only because of the meticulous attention paid to details by ADS. The greeting staff at Arusha, drivers, the lodges, everything was so perfect it almost feels like one is exaggerating […] It was indeed the greatest spectacle on earth and our lives are forever changed. We thank everyone involved at ADS for this unforgettable experience and trip of a lifetime. ADS receives our highest recommendation for a wildlife safari. I can’t wait to go back there some day.

Usha, Kumar and Sumanth Peddamatham
May 2009

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