Safari Guest Spots Pack Of Rare Wild Dogs

Wild Dog Tanzania_0000_Layer 1

A special thanks to our safari guests Marybeth and Janet from Boulder Creek, California who sent in this video of their extraordinary sighting from Tarangire National Park taken on October 13, 2015. African Hunting dogs are sometimes seen in both Tarangire and Serengeti National Parks, although sightings are rare and special. These interesting looking dogs have a mottled arrangement of different colored fur that cover their bodies like a tie dye T-shirt. The color palette, arranged together in a calico pattern, includes mustard color and mud …

Travelling to Tanzania this November or December?

We were hoping one of our upcoming safari guests wouldn’t mind taking a laptop in their luggage from the U.S. to Tanzania. Nancy Julius, who just recently returned home after a safari, would like to send a laptop to a staffer at a Camp they stayed at in the Serengeti. Please let us know if you are interested and we will put you in touch with Nancy. Asante Sana!

Travelling to Tanzania this year? Your trip can help the local community.

The Foundation for African Medicine and Education, a charitable organization that was founded to provide quality medical care to the local people living in rural Tanzania, is exploring cost effective ways of getting medical supplies and equipment, as well as health education materials sent from the U.S. to Tanzania. Their U.S. volunteers have been able to help enormously on this front, bringing extra suitcases when they travel to Tanzania, but with their patient growth and program expansion, they are needing even more help. If any guests …