A Stress-Free, Life-Changing Vacation

We have just returned from our 11-day African adventure with African Dream Safaris.

Angelbert,, our guide extraordinaire, demonstrated his extensive knowledge of animals and birds, animal behaviors, photography and lighting conditions, as well as Tanzanian politics and social issues. He kept us safe, recognizing the Egyptian spitting cobra at a safe distance, and pulling away just as a bull elephant charged our vehicle.

He taught us lessons in patience when observing the animals; lessons that allowed us to see 3 kills and to appreciate the absolute wonder of 400,000 migrating wildebeests. Watching the interactions of the animals in the wild, we got an appreciation of how we are not that much different. Young ones play, mothers worry over their children, and survival isn’t always easy.

We were able to visit a Maasai school and the FAME hospital; examples of the dedication some amazing people have to improve the lives of Tanzanians. We stayed at both tent camps and larger hotels. All were very nice. The Tanzanian people made us feel at home.

Dawn, our stateside contact, answered all of our questions, and was genuinely interested in providing the best experience possible. Thank you ADS for such a stress-free, life-changing vacation.

Luellen, Mark, Noelle and Jack M.
Kansas City, Missouri
Safari Dates: May 19, 2013 to May 29, 2013

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  1. We were lucky enough to have Anglebert as our guide last March-April. You are right, he is a wonderful guide. Your pictures look amazing. I wanted to see a snake but didn´t, you were really lucky!! Glad you had a wonderful safari!!

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