Rare Carcal Cat Spotted

We cannot thank Sharon Lyon and ADS enough for providing us with our trip of our lives! Not only was it a wonderful vacation, it was a true adventure! ADS provided EVERYTHING we needed to feel safe, secure and thoroughly enjoy ourselves. Our guide, Anglebert, was extraordinary. His knowledge of the animals created a new experience every day for us…so much so that we actually looked forward to our 5.00am wake-up calls, so that we were in the vehicle before 6.00am.

We learned that this is one of the best times to view the behaviors of the animals, and they did not disappoint. We learned so much about the natural order of things-how lucky are we to have experienced this! I am sure Mike will fill you in with the details…there is so much to report, remember and absorb. Our excitement has not subsided, and each time we view our photos, we find ourselves wanting to do it again!!

We wish we could tell you our favorite animal, but they were all so extraordinary that we would feel guilty choosing one over the other. Please thank you complete staff for all of their assistance in making this a trip we will never forget!

Some of the more unusual animal sightings we enjoyed included a caracal cat, serval cat and oryx antelope.


Linda and Larry R.
Gold River, California
Safari Dates: October 5, 2015 to October 18, 2015

African Dream Safaris Made Our Dream Come True!

From the moment we landed in Arusha till we left Arusha for home your staff was right on. Our adventure started as we were attempting to land in the bush and our landing was aborted due to a Giraffe on the runway! We realized right then and there that this was going to be a special experience.

After we landed we met our guide, Emmanuel, who quickly became our friend. He was knowledgeable, patient, understanding and considerate. We left the airport and almost immediately we began to see animals “up close and personal.” Zebras, wildebeests, and gazelles were everywhere. Giraffes were majestic and elephants were lumbering along as we drove.

We were “lucky” (based on Emanuel’s skill ) to spend some time watching a cheetah and her four cubs frolic under a tree. If that was not enough, our first lion sighting also took place on the first day.

We ate our box lunch and continued to drive to River Camp. Here the staff could not have been more accommodating. After a delicious dinner and a good sleep, we started out in the morning hoping to see a river crossing. We sat at a location for about an hour as it looked like the wildebeests were getting ready to cross. Then suddenly the herd moved off – that is when we saw the reason – a lion had a wildebeast in his jaws! We followed the lion who took the kill in to a bush.

We left and continued on our quest for a crossing. Again, patience was the key and sure enough, we were able to observe a crossing. What an experience! This was all before lunch! Since we were very close to River Camp we went back for lunch – the table was set outside under a tree. Back to our home away from home – the Landrover – looking for a leopard. Sure enough Emmanuel got us a leopard – in a tree very close to the road.

I do not know how he did this but we were able to get close to so many animals. Every day was better than the one before. Lions, cheetahs, leopards seemed to be waiting to meet us! While the drives between camps were long, they were interesting and gave us a real feel for the vastness of the Serengeti.

We were only missing a rhino to complete our wish list. In the crater, way off in the distance we observed a young rhino sleeping. Well we thought that was enough – not Emmanuel. He told us that as it cools down the rhino may start to move. We drove around for a while and returned to see the rhino still sleeping. Do not give up was our motto. Patience paid off – after about an hour the rhino woke up and started a slow but steady walk in our direction.

The rhino, as if on command, came to the road and walked right behind out vehicle! What a way end our Africa Dream Safari!!!

Janet and David C.
Beechhurst, New York
Safari Dates: October 10, 2015 to October 18, 2015

Safari Guest Spots Pack Of Rare Wild Dogs

A special thanks to our safari guests Marybeth and Janet from Boulder Creek, California who sent in this video of their extraordinary sighting from Tarangire National Park taken on October 13, 2015.

African Hunting dogs are sometimes seen in both Tarangire and Serengeti National Parks, although sightings are rare and special. These interesting looking dogs have a mottled arrangement of different colored fur that cover their bodies like a tie dye T-shirt. The color palette, arranged together in a calico pattern, includes mustard color and mud colored fur with black and white patches. These dogs run in packs of 6-20 animals; they are efficient, determined hunters but their kills can be quite gruesome to watch. Each pack has a dominant breeding pair that raise up to 16 puppies in one litter.

The pups are hidden in dens for almost 12 weeks until they are strong enough to keep up with the adults. In the meantime, the pups are supported by the rest of the adults who regularly bring them food. Sadly, the mortality rate of wild dogs is high as dens are often flooded during the rainy season.