Story of 17-year-old Denis, from The School of St. Jude

Denis is a student at The School of St Jude*, in Arusha, Northern Tanzania. He is currently in Form 3, the equivalent of 10th grade. He and another 47 of our students are busy working on writing essays for The Tanzania Bureau of Standards’ national competition among secondary schools. Last year, out of ten finalists, six were St Jude’s students. Denis, then in Form 2 (9th grade), came in second place. Soon after his great achievement, we invited him to write about a moment that meant something to him. We wish Denis and all the other students good luck in this year’s competition.

The Moment that Meant Something in My Life

My name is Denis, aged 17 years old. In my family I have my father, two brothers and one sister. My family is a single-parent family because in March 2007 my mother passed away from a heart disease. My hobbies are playing soccer and reading updated news. Also I have a plan of one day being a doctor.

In 2005 I had a moment which really meant something in my life and this was the moment I joined The School of St Jude. Joining the school meant a lot in my life because before I did not have any plan. Instead, I thought, I can never make it in life.

These thoughts came as a result of failing in my exam, getting tough punishments and having an unpleasant environment for studying. All this made me not to attend school in most of the days. Instead I would hide in the street until after school hours and I could return back home with my friend who went to school.

But after joining St Jude’s my life changed and I saw school as a better place to live. This is because I met good teachers, transportation, a conducive environment and fantastic learning resources. Also I started having plans and I saw that one day I will make it. That’s why I can say that joining the School of St Jude meant a lot in my life.

The School of St Jude put me in a place where I can never give up. Instead I will work hard so that I can fulfill my dream of becoming a doctor. I know that I can make it. This is because if anybody else can do it, I can do it better. This means that if people like Ben Carson were able to make it I can make it too. On the other hand I would like to thank my school and my sponsor for the support which I have been receiving and I promise to work extra hard so that I can make it and bring success and changes in my community.

* The School of St Jude provides a free quality education for over 1600 students. Besides the regular Tanzanian curriculum, we offer well-stacked libraries, computer and art rooms, science labs, sports fields, school buses, hot meals, boarding houses, free textbooks and uniforms. Sponsors from all around the world make it possible. We love visitors. If you are on a safari and want to drop in on your way in or out of Arusha, please let Africa Dream Safaris know in advance so they can incorporate this in your itinerary.

One Response to Story of 17-year-old Denis, from The School of St. Jude

  1. Sandra Chiarandini says:

    Good for you, Denis! It is wonderful to read your story and hear your ambitions! So glad you have such a solid direction and so much hope!

    You sound like you will be a credit to the medical profession and your country will be well rewarded to have a doctor such as you. Study hard, it won’t be easy. Best of luck. Perhaps we’ll meet you in January. It is a small world!

    Best to you and your family.

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