By Anglebert Mrema with Patty and Kevin – Safari Highlights

Greetings from the bush! I am Anglebert Mrema guiding for Africa Dream Safaris. Having completed my safari with my clients Patty and Kevin, I would like to share some highlights from this trip with the ADS family. The safari started on August 4, 2013 and ended on August 11, 2013. We spent 4 nights in the Serengeti split between the North and Central Serengeti areas at Buffalo and Sametu Camps, 2 nights in Ngorongoro Crater at Lion’s Paw Camp and a final night in the Tarangire National Park at Kikoti Camp.

At Lobo Valley in the North Serengeti we had a great sight of a male leopard just by the road. This leopard was trying to stalk gazelles on the other side of the road. ¬†However, the area was too open and it wasn’t easy for the leopard to get much closer for the strike. We moved to the Central Serengeti where we had a great sight of pride of lions at Sametu Kopjes. Although the Sametu Kopjes area was dry, the pride was very healthy and that is due to the presence of a big herd of Thomson gazelle in the area.

Ngorongoro Crater was great. We had a good sight of lions feasting on a zebra. The two females probably made the kill at night because just near there was another lion pride that came to realize that there was a kill around dawn.

Another interesting sight at the caldera was a black mane lion on honeymoon just by the road. It was interesting to see this big male lion immediately go behind to the back of the ADS vehicle and scent mark the logo printed on the tire covers.  Hope you will enjoy the pictures below.

4 Responses to By Anglebert Mrema with Patty and Kevin – Safari Highlights

  1. Donna Archer says:

    I love the shot of the lion and the logo!!!!!!!!!!! We have been twice with ADS and hope to return again someday.

  2. Beverly Corte says:

    Angelbert, it was so good to see your face pop up at the end of these pics. We felt like we were back in the ADS vehicle with you! Your knowledge of the animals and your great spotting eye made the trip an experience of a lifetime. You kept us safe and gave us the greater vantage point at the same time. How fortunate we were to have you as our guide. Would not want to go on Safari without you. Thank you, Dawn and ADS for making a dream come true. Beverly and Arthur , Fairhope, Al. USA

  3. Steve & Suzanne says:

    Anglebert – what great photos! The lion with its face next to the ADS Logo is priceless! You may soon become the marketing director. Always good to see you and read about your adventures. We are always thinking of you and rest of ADS staff who assisted us with our safari last year.

  4. Susan says:

    Just beautiful…

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