By Pokea Nnko – Great Safari and Rhino rescue.

My name is Pokea Nnko, an ADS guide. On this last safari I guided a family consisting of 2 adults and 2 children (the parents names are Jim and Tori and the teenage children are Rosie and Alice). We started the game drive rightaway after the clients landing Kogatende airstrip the northern Serengeti on July 22nd, 2013.

This time we had 9 nights in the bush where the first night was at Lemala Mara, then two nights at Buffalo Camp, followed by two nights at Sametu Camp, two nights at Lion’s Paw and last but not the least 2 nights at Kikoti Camp.

The most interested thing during our safari happened in Serengeti National Park (the endless plain) where we started our game drive in the morning from Sametu Camp down to Maasai Kopjes. Here we came across a magical sight where we saw a pride of lions trying to hunt a male rhino, which came from Moru Kopjes. Actually, what we did was to rescue the rhino by chasing the lions by a car and later on supported with Park Rangers. It seemed he (rhino) had been pushed away from his territory by other big males. This was very exciting and a fantastic situation, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to take some pictures. I was busy trying hard to rescue the rhino. But, I have other photo’s apart from this to share with you.

Hartebeest with a calf. This was around Sametu Camp.

Serval Cat looking for his prey around Munge river.

Leopard in Seronera Valley


Pokea Nnko,
ADS Guide

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