By Pokea Nko – Awesome Safari

Jambo! This is driver-guide Pokea Nko reporting in once more from Tanzania. I have just finished my most recent safari and I have to say that the wildlife viewing in the Serengeit is simply AWESOME!

Our safari trip started from 23rd June and concluded on 30th June 2013 where we visited the Serengeti and Ngorongoro. We witnessed the great migration moving from the Western to Northern side of the Serengeti Ecosystem. This made our trip amazing especially seeing the great herds of wildebeests and zebras migrating in single file lines. Among the many highlights was a pride of lions hunting a lost wildebeest, a leopard with cubs and cheetahs. Therefore, please enjoy the following pictures I took while on safari.

First, the famous Serengeti Sametu Lion Pride sharing a kill. They had hunted a single lost wildebeest who was headed down to the Sametu marsh for a drink. We saw all the action from the beginning and it was extraordinary. My clients really enjoyed taking pictures of the lion pride, which numbered about 15 individuals.

Secondly, pictured are two big male lions fighting after grabbing a gazelle kill from a female lion. The fighting took about 40 minutes while they were pushing and chasing each other.


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