A Lion Ate My Tire Cover

When driver-guides return from the bush at the conclusion of each safari, one of the first things we do is to inspect and service their vehicle and begin prepping it for the next safari trip. We often hear the most interesting stories when a damaged part needs to be replaced (the equivalent to the ‘my dog ate my homework’ story).

Well, a few days ago one of our friendly guides named Arnold came through our doors at the conclusion of his most recent safari. He immediately said he needed his brand new tire cover replaced because his was attacked and eaten by a lion. Everyone kind of laughed it off as just another tall tale from the bush. However, apparently this was exactly what happened!

A special thanks to Tom Poole and his family who just returned from their December safari for sending us this video yesterday to substantiate our guide’s wild claim of tire cover eating lions. Tom – we hope you enjoyed your holiday safari with ADS!

2 Responses to A Lion Ate My Tire Cover

  1. Kristi Phelps says:

    The Poole Family was one day behind us on safari. We so enjoyed hearing their story when we saw them the day after the cats used their tire cover as a scratching pole!

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