Tanzania Celebrates 50 Years of Independence

This Friday, December 9, 2011, marks the 50th Anniversary of Independence for mainland Tanzania. After independence from British rule in 1961, mainland Tanzania was united with Zanzibar three years later in 1964 to form the Republic of Tanzania.

This milestone makes a fitting occasion to also recognize the development of Tanzania’s tourism industry over the past several decades. Per the World Economic Forum Travel and Tourism Report issued in 2011, Tanzania ranks second in world for its natural resources. It is these precious natural resources that drive tourism, which is arguably one of the most important sustainable industries in the country.

The development of the tourism industry in Tanzania has many positive impacts. Tourism provides a significant source of income in Tanzania (over $1 billion in 2010) and creates quality jobs (an estimated 400,000 direct jobs to Tanzanians).  Additionally, tourism attracts crucial foreign investment and helps protect the the environment and preserve the Tanzanian culture.

Per the National Bureau of Statistics, 2010 was a record year for tourism in Tanzania with just under 800,000 tourists entering the country (this up from 500,000 tourists in 2001). We estimate that 2011 will surpass this record with well over 800,000 tourists and over $1.3 billion in earnings derived from the tourism industry.

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