The Lion Lady – Live from the Bush – Summary

So I have been back in the USA for a little over a week now and I am almost all caught up on sleep, work and returning back to what remains to be my normal…? It seems like it is taking me longer and longer to recover. Always a part of me that is happy to be back home, always a big part missing, as my heart always remains in the Serengeti!!! Not complaining, just explaining!!

I know I am totally blessed to be able to do what I absolutely Love love love and having an office in the bush makes it all come full circle. I cannot stay away no matter how many times I am there. I always have new experiences that just add to my magnificent repertoire of fantastic stories & memories. Although I feel totally re-engerzied, revitalized, rested and relaxed in many ways, I also miss the many shots of adrenalin & the constant jolts of stimulation throughout each day, as each safari day’s sightings and activities would unfold.

With the blackout tent flaps up and an almost full moon, I wanted to see activity and I stayed up most of the night on the phone and listening and watching for the cape buffalo, zebra and hyena and wildebeest that lingered next to my tent all night. I am in heaven!!

My last day on safari was a Sunday and I awakened to the gorgeous sunrise and animals still around my tent. I dressed for breakfast and wandered up to the main dining tent. I ordered the chefs special omelet, cheese, mushrooms & spinach, which was delicious, orange marmalade on my toast and freshly brewed Tanzanian coffee. I decided to take it easy today and just enjoy Sabora. I went to my tent, and had a nice long bath while I enjoyed watching the family of 7 zebra lingering just in front of my tent!!! After my bath, I put on the linen bathrobe and flip flops, got my binoculars, my devotions, my journal and a ginger ale and headed for the leisure bed right out in front of my tent. Again, I was in Heaven!!!

It was totally amazing how the plains directly in front of Sabora were teaming with a multitude and variety of many animals. Zebra, wildebeest, topi, eland, impala, grants gazelle, ostrich, warthog, Cape buffalo, Thomson gazelle, giraffe, baboon, and an eagle were spotted and I learned that an Ostrich can make a sound similar to a distant lions roar. I had a fabulous lunch pool side in my swimsuit and bathrobe.

The Zebras had moved close to the pool and so we had lunch together!! After lunch I sat in the pool and watched as the zebra continued to graze pool side & seemed totally undisturbed by my presence. Still in heaven!! At 3:00 I headed to the spa for my massage, pedicure and manicure!! Still in Heaven!! We met at 6:00pm for sundowner’s fireside, under an almost full moon, tons of stars – again heaven!! Dinner was another culinary delight and exceeded my expectations once again!!

Hard to beat Sabora, in service, quality of accommodations, food and options, all are top of the line, ultra luxury but a great value for the level of experience.

The rest of the journey was effortless, up on last day, shower, breakfast, pack, say goodbye, drive to Sasakwa airport for flight to Seronera, and stop in Southern Loliondo Airport (have never been to this airport) to pick up some people, landed in Arusha, visited Cultural heritage , always a necessity!!! And then shower, change clothes, repack, very early dinner, depart hotel at 5pm and head to JRO- Tons of traffic so we took short cut through the back streets & local village areas, as we slowed I greeted everyone I could along the way with Bwana asafieway and Mungu Away naway, many smiles and greetings were given back- just another highlight of my safari!!

Check in at JRO went smoothly, met up with my clients once again- Heard all about their fabulous safari until we boarded the plane and all fell fast asleep as the plane took off on time for Amsterdam!!

Thanks again for joining me on this latest safari. I will let you know when I post additional photos to my face book.

The Lion Lady, Mama Simba & Sharon Lyon

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  1. Dot Martin says:

    I so enjoy reading your travelog. We have been on four safaris and are longing to go again. Our next dream is to visit the crater. Right now my husbands health does not permit a trip of this sort, but keep the e mails coming and if and when we get the okay from the doctor we will be in touch. Meantime I keep forwarding your e mails to all our friends.

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