Quote of the Week: Jim and Sandra Moran

You’ve read or heard it all before: ‘The trip was amazing,’ ‘It far exceeded my expectations,’ ‘It was the trip of a lifetime.’ For us, it was all that and more. We never really expected that we would enjoy our safari as much as we did. The worry that it might be like a big open zoo or that it would become monotonous were so far from what the reality was. We’ve been home for a few months now and we can’t stop looking at our photographs and wish that we were back in Tanzania – so much so that we are in the process of booking a return trip to the Serengeti with Africa Dream Safaris.

Africa Dream Safaris takes care of everything. Their incredibly friendly and knowledgeable office staff helped us put together an amazing itinerary and kept in frequent contact with us prior to the safari to provide useful information on what to pack and what to expect. Upon arrival in Tanzania, ADS did everything they stated they would. We were met at the airport, taken to our hotel, picked up the next morning for our flight to the Serengeti, and so on. Their friendly staff in Tanzania was there every step of the way. There were no worries about our contact not showing up or being late.

Then there was our guide. His knowledge of the animals and their behavior, and his enthusiasm and sense of humor made the safari an exceptional experience. It was like he could anticipate where the animals would be and he seemed to always position our vehicle in just the right place for viewing. He could spot animals while driving, where it would take us minutes to spot the animal while using binoculars.

Within minutes of starting our first game drive, we saw our first animals – the amusing warthogs. Within an hour, we saw a large pride of lions. Each day we thought that it couldn’t get any better, but it did. By the end of our 8-day safari, we had seen every animal that we could have expected to see.

We thank every one of the ADS staff that helped make this such a wonderful safari. I would highly recommend Africa Dream Safaris to anyone who wants an exciting, professionally designed, worry-free safari.

Jim and Sandra Moran
January 2011

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